PLA-M 4-Way Cassette (R32)

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The Mitsubishi Electric PLA-M Standard Inverter range is a ceiling cassette system that blends a host of outstanding features with a sophisticated streamlined design.

Offering advanced control options and quiet operation, this range provides extreme flexibility and ease of installation whilst being cost effective.

Indoor Unit Technical DataModel Reference
Cooling (kW) - Nominal3.
Heating (kW) - Nominal4.
Cooling (kW) - Max UK Condition3.605.155.807.459.6511.8312.83
Heating (kW) - Max UK Condition4.266.136.818.6810.7512.7713.45
Sensible Heat Ratio (SHR)0.910.770.790.740.770.700.70
Sound Pressure - Std SP (dBA)31/29/28/2632/31/29/2732/31/29/2734/32/30/2840/37/34/3144/41/37/3344/42/39/36
Height (mm)258 (40)258 (40)258 (40)258 (40)298 (40)298 (40)298 (40)
Width (mm)840 (950)840 (950)840 (950)840 (950)840 (950)840 (950)840 (950)
Depth (mm)840 (950)840 (950)840 (950)840 (950)840 (950)840 (950)840 (950)
Weight (kG)19 (5)19 (5)21 (5)21 (5)24 (5)26 (5)26 (5)
Air Flow Rate - Std SP (l/sec)267-250-217-183350-317-233-200350-317-233-200350-317-283-233483-433-383-317517-467-417-350533-483-433-400
Fused Spur (A)6666666

Inclusive of PLP-6EA Grille and PAR-41MAA Controller


Features and Benefits

  • New square design grille
  • New for 2022 – optional V-Blocking Filter for Improved Indoor Air Quality (PAC-SK53KF-E)
  • New single fan chassis on 12.5 and 14kW models
  • Improved airflow control, including horizontal airflow for greater comfort
  • Optional 3D i-see sensor grille (PLP-6EAE) provides customised comfort by automatically monitoring room occupancy, position and body temperatures
  • Optional filter lowering operation down to 4m (PLP-6EAJ type)
  • Replace Technology available


Compatible Condensing Units

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