SUZ-M R32 Single Split (2.5 – 7.1kW)

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Mitsubishi Electric has added R32 Standard Inverter and Inverter models to its Mr Slim air conditioning range to offer the market a complete solution using the low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant.

The Mr Slim range is one of Britain’s best-selling split-systems and is suitable to cool or heat a huge variety of applications, including offices and retail units. The new SUZ-M Company R32 models deliver increased efficiencies in capacities from 2.5kW to7.1kW.


This page details specific information for SUZ-M Standard Inverter Condensing Units only. Please click here to browse our full Mr. Slim Standard Inverter range of Air Conditioning & Heat Pump products.

Compatible Indoor Units

Technical Data and Connectivity below.

Model Reference
Cool (kW)

Heat (kW)

Pipe (m)

Fuse (Amps)

I/C Cable (Core)

Pipe Size

Pipe Size

Electrical Supply
Max. IndoorsOutdoor UnitRefrigerant
1SUZ-M25VAR322.503.2020103C + E3/81/4Single
1SUZ-M35VAR323.504.0020103C + E3/81/4Single
1SUZ-M50VAR324.605.0030203C + E1/21/4Single
1SUZ-M60VAR326.106.9030203C + E5/81/4Single
1SUZ-M71VAR327.108.0030203C + E5/83/8Single


Advanced Technical Data

Outdoor Unit Technical DataModel Reference
CombinationsSingle Split Only
Height (mm)550550714880880
Width (mm)800800800840840
Depth (mm)285285285330330
Weight (kG)3035415455
Airflow (m3/min)TBC
Sound Pressure Cooling (dBA)4648495151
Liquid (mm(inches))6.35 (1/4)6.35 (1/4)6.35 (1/4)6.35 (1/4)9.52 (3/8)
Gas (mm(inches))9.52 (3/8)9.52 (3/8)12.7 (1/2)15.88 (5/8)15.88 (5/8)
Max Pipe Run (m)2020303030
Max Pipe Lift (m)1212303030
Pre-charged to (m)77777
Standing Charge (kG)0.650.
Additional Charge (g/m)2020202040
Power Supply toOutdoor
Start Current (A)3.7589.39.5
Run Current (A) -Heat/Cool3.7 / 3.05.0 / 4.18.0 / 7.19.3 / 8.49.5 / 9.1
Max Current (A)6.88.513.514.814.8
Fuse Rating (A)1010202020


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