Panasonic PAC-i Low Temperature Cooling Inverter Split Systems

Introducing Low-Temperature Cooling systems from Logicool in partnership with Panasonic. Utilising the existing Panasonic PACi range together with dedicated Panasonic adapters and in-built technology we are now able to control temperatures to conditions suitable for applications such as Wine Cellars, Food Preparation Areas, Clean Rooms, and Gymnasiums. A “mix and match” system allows for a larger evaporator combination giving the installer the option to select a cooling system to suit their clients low temperature cooling requirement.
Features and Benefits
  • Off-the-shelf Packaged Solution
  • (Utilises Panasonic PAC-i Condensing Units and Evaporators with mix/match approved selection)
  • Lower cost than competitors
  • Japanese manufacturer
  • Panasonic ELITE Air Conditioning product with CZ-RTC4 Controller
  • Cassette, Wall Mounted, Ducted and Under Ceiling options
  • Can be linked with other Panasonic AC equipment
  • Low ambient cooling
  • Twin Combinations Available
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