R32 Cassette (Low Temperature Cooling)

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Introducing Low Temperature cooling systems from Logicool in partnership with Panasonic.

Utilising the existing PACi range together with officially approved Panasonic modifications, we are now able to make these systems available to cool areas with low temperature requirements such as wine cellars, food preparation areas, gymnasiums and clean rooms.

New for 2021 – Cassette Systems now come complete with Nanoe-X Module for Healthier Air

The Perfect Solution for:

• Wine cellars
• Ice cream factories

•Confectionary Sales
• Flower shops
• Supermarkets
• Grain stores
• Food storage
• Food processing
• Food distribution
• Lunchrooms
• Vegetable processing


Panasonic PACi Elite Inverter solution (Inc. CZ-KPU3 Grille, CZ-RTC6BL(W) Controller and approved adapter kits where required).

This product range features cooling solutions available from 3.50 to 23.20kW utilising Panasonic Single and Twin Split PAC-i system combinations.

Indoor - Outdoor

Cooling Capacity (kW)
(Indoor WB°C/Ambient DB°C)





Indoor UnitOutdoor Unit15 / 3012 / 308 / 30
S-6071PU3EU-36PZH3E53.753.432.10405 / 131/21/4Single
S-6071PU3EU-50PZH3E55.244.802.94405 / 131/21/4Single
S-1014PU3EU-60PZH3E55.925.393.48405 / 205/83/8Single
S-1014PU3EU-71PZH3E57.046.424.14505 / 205/83/8Single
S-1014PU3EU-100PZH3E59.959.115.58855 / 325/83/8Single
S-1014PU3EU-125PZH3E512.4011.376.96855 / 325/83/8Single
2 x S-1014PU3EU-140PZH3E514.5513.338.16855 / 325/83/8Single
S-1014PU3EU-71PZH3E87.046.424.14505 / 165/83/8Three
S-1014PU3EU-100PZH3E89.959.115.58855 / 165/83/8Three
S-1014PU3EU-125PZH3E812.4011.376.96855 / 165/83/8Three
2 x S-1014PU3EU-140PZH3E814.5513.338.16855 / 165/83/8Three
2 x S-1014PU3EU-200PZH2E820.1718.5011.106010 / 321 1/83/8Three
2 x S-1014PU3EU-250PZH2E825.2923.2013.926010 / 321 1/81/2Three

A “mix and match” system combination allows for the use of a larger evaporator giving the end-user and installer the option to select a cooling system to suit their low temperature cooling requirement.

Temperature Operation Range


The Panasonic PACi Elite range of semi-industrial systems has been developed to lead the way in quality air conditioning for commercial environments. The Elite line is prevalent in low temperature applications, including wine cellars, server rooms and food storage areas, thanks to its ErP-approved units, and exceptional cooling capabilities. The range boasts a wide range of features that make it the
perfect solution to the needs of challenging commercial and seasonal demands. The units provide continuous cooling when outside temperatures are between -15°C and 46°C.

Solutions for cold rooms, wine cellars and special low temperature rooms

Boasting exceptional energy performance, the system ranks among the best in its class (SEER A++) and its inverter technology reduces power consumption and operating costs by 20%. This, combined with the use of R32 gas to reduce the unit CO2 emissions, ensures Panasonic PACi solutions offer market-leading efficiency.
The latest models in the series are not only built to the highest industry standards to ensure optimum efficiency, they are also lightweight, with a slim and compact design, making these units easy to install.
There is a complete range from 3.60 to 22.00kW.
Just like all the indoor units in the PACi range, these units can be monitored via the internet, generating an alarm if there is a breakdown.
One of the main features of the PACi series is the possibility of adjusting the product for special applications, not just for regular heating and cooling applications. The PACi Elite range caters special applications that require cooling to maintain rooms between 8ºCWB and 24ºCWB (10ºCDB-30ºCDB).

Features and Benefits

  • Off-the-shelf packaged solution
  • Lower cost than competitors
  • Quality and trusted Japanese household name
  • Cassette, Wall Mounted, Ducted and Under Ceiling options thus offering flexibility
  • Low ambient cooling (can cool in low outside temperatures)

Typically, commercial air conditioning systems cool down to 19 degrees. This is an industry standard and is due to a number of factors including comfort levels for building occupants which packaged air conditioning is designed for. However, a number of industries require lower cooling requirements. These can be very costly and poorly engineered. This solution allows for the use of an industry standard “typical” air conditioning solution with the added benefit of providing lower cooling temperatures to those applications that require it without the added costs and with a trusted brand comprising of readily available product. The solution is achieved by installing a larger evaporator combined with built-in Panasonic Air Conditioning Solutions features and technology which allow for control at lower temperatures. The combinations are both approved and tested by Panasonic in their factories. Further detailed information is available from Logicool including a detailed installation bulletin.

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Application Table

  • Examples of Typical Applications
    Wine Storage14 Degrees
    Gymnasiums16 Degrees
    Food Prep12 Degrees
    Clean Room16 Degrees
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