CZ-RTC6 Conex Controllers and Apps

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New CONEX for 2021

 New Panasonic CONEX Controllers provide comfort and control for varying user needs
Accessible, flexible and scalable with different controllers and apps perfectly meeting requirements of modern controls for end user, installer and service

  • Panasonic CONEX Controls bring together end-user and engineers requirements into one single interface.
  • Compact, modern and stylish display. Only 86mm x 86mm
  • IoT Integration


CONEX Controls with Three Simple ControllersThree Simple Apps and Three Simple Benefits for all users of Air Conditioning Controllers

Installation Benefits – Panasonic H&C Control App

Can be commissioned by installing engineers via Bluetooth using simple Mobile Phone Panasonic H&C Control App enabling simplicity of set-up as opposed to attempting to interpret paper manuals. 

Systems can be commissioned wirelessly from other rooms (tested up to 35 metres away by Logicool engineers) with commissioning instructions beamed effortlessly via Bluetooth from phone to CONEX controller.

End-User Benefits – Panasonic Comfort Cloud App 

Controller can be connected directly to Wi-Fi Network without the needs of additional interfaces being installed (BLW model). 

Up to 200 systems across 20 different sites can be controller via the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App.

Simple control via Mobile Phone App or Tablet without having to engage directly with confusing controllers, saving time for contractors.

Service Engineer Benefits – Panasonic H&C Diagnosis App

Engineers can interface directly with the equipment via the Panasonic H&C Diagnosis App. Detailed system information including current and part performance analysis data can be accessed from indoors without the need for having to access external condensing units.

Controller Options

CZ-RTC6B – Standard Controller with no Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity and limited functionality

CZ-RTC6BL – Advanced Controller with Bluetooth functionality allowing use of Panasonic H&C Control App and Panasonic H&C Diagnosis App.

CZ-RTC6BLW – Advanced Controller with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality allowing use of Panasonic H&C Control App and Panasonic H&C Diagnosis App in addition to Panasonic Comfort Cloud App for end-users (no additional interfaces required)

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