R32 NX Elite Condensing Units for Twin to Quad Application

Specification and information for Panasonic PZ2 & PZ3 NX Elite condensing units to allow Twin, Triple and Quad Combinations

Please click here to select required indoor unit information from our Panasonic site.

Pipe sizes are as per Outdoor Unit tables on this page and indoor unit tables from relative pages here.

Features and Benefits

  • Auto restart after power failure
  • Auto changeover
  • Twin, triple and double-twin split options
  • PAC-i Elite Seasonal Inverter
  • ErP Compliant
  • Cooling to -15°C
  • Heating to -20°C
  • R22 Replacement Technology


PZ3 (2021 NX) Models only

For Single Split applications, Panasonic PZ3 PAC-i systems take the power from the Condensing Unit to the indoor unit via a 4-core cable (L, N, E & Comms).

For Multi Split applications, follow the example below. Take L(1) and N(2) from Fan Coil 1 to Fan Coil 2. Also wire Controller into R1 & R2 on Master and then Daisy Chain this to R1 & R2 on the Slave. 

PZ2 (20 and 25kW) Models only

Panasonic PZ2 PAC-i systems require a separate power supply to Indoor (3 Amp isolator for all units) and Outdoor Units. It is also possible to supply power to outdoor unit only, and run power to indoor via a 3 core flex from a field supplied inline fuse. Please click here for further information. A separate 2 core 0.75mm² screened cable will also be required for data connection

Three Phase Triple Split example


CZ-P224BK2BM Pipe Kit required for all PAC-i Elite Twin Split installations up to 14kW

CZ-P680BK2BM Pipe Kit required for all PAC-i Elite Twin Split installations 20kW to 25kW

CZ-P3HPC2BM Pipe Kit required for all PAC-i Elite Triple Split installations up to 10kW to 20kW

Combination of pipe kits required for Quad Applications. Please see table below or contact Logicool for confirmation



Advanced Technical Data

Condensing Units from 3.5kW to 14kW (PAC-i)

Outdoor Unit Technical Data
CombinationsSingleSingle and Twin
Height (mm)695695695996141614161416
Width (mm)875875875940940940940
Depth (mm)320320320340340340340
Weight (kG)42424365989898
Airflow (m3/min)
Sound Pressure
30 / 27/ 2234 / 30 / 2530 / 26 / 2330 / 26 / 2333 / 29 / 2535 / 31 / 2739 / 35 / 29
Sound Power
Hi/Med/Lo (dBA)
53 / 50 / 4557 / 53 / 4853 / 49 / 4653 / 49 / 4656 / 52 / 4858 / 54 / 5062 / 58 / 52
Liquid (mm(inches))6.35 (1/4)6.35 (1/4)6.35 (1/4)9.52 (3/8)
Gas (mm(inches))12.70 (1/2)12.70 (1/2)12.70 (1/2)15.88 (5/8)
Max Pipe Run (m)40404050858585
Max Pipe Lift (m)15 (15 if condenser is lower than IU)20 (15)303030
Pre-charged to (m)
Charge (kG)
Charge/m (g)
PhaseSingleSingle (Three)
Power Supply toOutdoor
Max Run
Current (A) Cool
4.206.907.259.00 (3.00)11.10 (3.80)16.50 (5.60)19.60 (6.60)
Max Run
Current (A) Heat
4.707.358.659.00 (3.05)13.30 (4.50)19.10 (6.45)22.00 (7.55)
Fuse Rating (A)2020252532 (16)40 (16)40 (16)
Interconnecting3 Core plus earth
Twin Pipe KitTwin Combination Not PossibleCZ-P224BK2BM
Triple Pipe KitTriple Combination Not PossibleCZ-P3HPC2BM
Quad Pipe KitQuad Combination Not PossibleCZ-P224BK2BM x 3N/A


20 – 25kW, Three Phase only Condensing Units – BIG PAC-i

Outdoor Unit Technical Data
Height (mm)15001500
Width (mm)980980
Depth (mm)370370
Weight (kG)117128
Airflow (l/sec) Cool/Heat2733 / 27332667 / 2667
Sound Pressure Cooling (dBA)5959
Sound Pressure Heating (dBA)6163
Liquid (mm(inches))1 1/81 1/8
Gas (mm(inches))3/81/2
Max Pipe Run (m)9090
Max Pipe Lift (m)3030
Pre-charged to (m)3030
Standing Charge (kG)4.25.8
Additional Charge per meter (g)6080
Power Supply toIU (5A) and OU or OU with feed to IU
Running Current (Cool - Heat)TBCTBC
Input Power (Cool - Heat)6.06 / 6.217.46 / 8.21
Fuse Rating (A)3232
Interconnecting2C Screen 0.75mm?
Twin Pipe KitCZ-P680BK2BM
Triple Pipe KitCZ-P3HPC2BMNo Combination
Quad Pipe CombinationCZ-P680BK2BM x 1 and CZ-P224BK2BM x 2
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