NX 4 Way Blow 90×90 Cassette (R32)

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Incorporating nanoeTM X as a standard feature, a new NX Series delivers both a new level of temperature control and the quality air.
Integrated with new remote controller technology providing great accessibility and convenience in a stylish design.
Through a crossbreeding of two differing technologies, Panasonic is leading air-conditioning to a whole new level.

Please click here for the Panasonic Nanoe-X Concentration Simulator. Nanoe-X is included as standard with all 3 Series Pac-i Panasonic Indoor Units. 

Indoor Unit Technical Data
Cooling (kW) - Nominal3.605.006.007.1010.0012.5014.00
Heating (kW) - Nominal (Standard Inverter)3.605.006.007.1010.0012.5014.00
Heating (kW) - Nominal (Elite Inverter)4.005.607.008.0011.2014.0016.00
Sensible Cool Capacity (KW) - UK2.603.304.104.40TBC
Sound Pressure Level (dBA)30/28/2732/29/2736/31/2837/31/2845/38/2246/39/3347/40/34
Sound Power Level (dBA)45/43/4247/44/4251/46/4352/46/4360/53/4761/54/4862/55/49
Height - mm (grille)256 (33.5)256 (33.5)256 (33.5)256 (33.5)319 (33.5)319 (33.5)319 (33.5)
Width - mm (grille)840 (950)
Depth - mm (grille)840 (950)
Weight - kG (grille)19 (5)19 (5)20 (5)20 (5)25 (5)25 (5)25 (5)
Max Air Flow Rate (m³/min)14.5016.5021.0022.0036.0037.0038.00
Fused Spur (A)5 (Power to Outdoor)

Compatible products

System Combination

  • Indoor Unit(s)
  • Condensing Unit
  • CZ-KPU3W Cassette Grille (Quoted by Logicool as standard option)
  • CZ-RTC5 Controller (quoted by Logicool as standard option)

Optional Controls and Accessories (Indoor Unit only)

  • CZ-RTC6B Hard-Wired Controller
  • CZ-RTC6BL Hard-Wired Controller with Bluetooth
  • CZ-RTC6BLW Hard-Wired Controller with WLAN and Bluetooth

  • CZ-RWSU3 and CZ-RWRU3W Infra -Red Controller and Adapter
  • CZ-CAPWFC1 Commercial WLAN Adapter (not required when using CZ-RTC6BLW Controller)
  • CZ-KPU3AW Grille with in-built EcoNavi functionality
  • PAW-WTRAY – Tray for condenser water compatible with outdoor
    elevation platform
  • PAW_GRBDSE20 – Outdoor base ground support for noise and vibration
  • PAW-GRDST40 – Outdoor elevation platform 400 x 900 x 400mm
  • CZ-140DRS1 Drain Kit
  • CZ-P224BK2BM for Twin-Split Application
  • CZ-RE2C2 Simplified, Hard Wired Controller
  • CZ-CENSC1 EcoNavi Sensor
  • Additional Controls available here

Key Features



New Panasonic NX systems simply require power to condensing unit and then a 3 core plus earth connection between outdoor unit and indoor unit.



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