Water Heat Exchanger (R32)

Panasonic introduces the new highly-efficient Water Heat Exchanger for the PACi Series.
This ground-breaking product gives further possibilities of PACi solutions by adding a hydronic option.

New PACi with Water Heat Exchanger for chilled and hot water production

Utilise the high efficiencyof the PACi R32 system to produce energy efficient hot water for small to medium sized commercial applications.

This ground-breaking product gives further possibilities in PACi ranges by adding a hydronic option to the wide range of solutions already on offer.

Features and Benefits

  • Perfect solution to replace existing boiler with High Efficiency Heat Pump solution
  • Heating water outlet temp of 50°C
  • Cooling water outlet temp of 15°C
  • Compact and Light Unit
  • Wall or Floor Mounted
  • Quick Installation
  • Flow Switch Included
  • Easy Maintenance
  • R32 Refrigerant


Advanced Technical Data

Indoor Unit Technical DataModel Number
Cooling capacity 1)kW20,0025,00
EER 1)W/W3,032,89
Heating capacity 2)kW23,0028,00
COP 2)W/W2,982,95
 sh (LOT1) 3)%171161
Energy efficiency class (ScaleA+++ to D) 4)A++A++
DimensionH x W x Dmm550 x 455 x 205550 x 455 x 205
Net weightkg2727
Water pipe connectorInchMale Thread 1 ¼Male Thread 1 ¼
Cooling water flow (∆T=5 K. 35°C)m³/h3,454,30
Heating water flow (∆T=5 K. 35°C)m³/h4,154,85
Flow switchIncludedIncluded
Water filterIncludedIncluded
Outdoor UnitU-200PZH2E8U-250PZH2E8
Sound pressureCool / Heat (Hi)dB(A)59 / 6159 / 63
DimensionH x W x Dmm1500 x 980 x 3701500 x 980 x 370
Net weightkg117128
Liquid PipeInch (mm)3/8 (9,52) 1/2 (12,70)
Gas pipeInch (mm)1 (25,40)1 (25,40)
Pipe length rangem5 ~ 905 ~ 60
Elevation difference (in/out)m3030
Pipe length for additional gasm3030
Additional gas amountg/m6080
Water outlet temperatureCool Min ~ Max°C+5 ~ +15+5 ~ +15
rangeHeat Min ~ Max°C+35 ~ +50+35 ~ +50
Operating rangeCool Min ~ Max°C-15 ~ +46-15 ~ +46
Heat Min ~ Max°C-20 ~ +24-20 ~ +24


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