TZ-TKE Compact Wall (R32)

The new TZ-TKE COMPACT Inverter models are powerful and efficient, with an outstanding energy ranking of A++ / A+, making them unique on the market

The TZ range is able to function in outdoor temperatures as low as -15 C in heating mode and -10 in cooling

Panasonic have succeeded in have succeeded in making one of the most silent air conditioners on the market. Panasonic Inverter air conditioner’s indoor operating noise has been reduced as the Inverter constantly varies its output power to enable more precise temperature controll

Available April 2018 (Replaces TZ-SKE R32 Model)

Model Reference


EuP Lot 10
Energy Rating




Indoor UnitOutdoor UnitSCOPSEER

Includes Infra-Red Controller as standard.

(Optional CZ-RD514C Hard Wired Controller and optional CZ-TACG1 Wi-Fi interface also available)

Product Description

R32 – the most environmentally friendly refrigerant on the market Compared to R22 and R410A, R32 has 0 impact on the depletion of ozone layer and a very low potential impact on the global warming. European regulation CE 517/2014 makes the replacement of fluorinated gases (F-gases) compulsory, such as R410A, for environmental reasons. Panasonic’s commitment to innovation means leading the European R32 change, ahead of the 2017- 2030 transition period for refrigerant changes, granted by the European regulation.

Internet Control The Etherea Wi-Fi accessory offers the possibility of controlling the air conditioners remotely, by using a smartphone, tablet or PC connected to the internet. The Etherea accessory is wire-connected to the unit, giving full bidirectional connectivity and the ability to control power consumption, error code messages etc.

Silent ambient and relaxing atmosphere 20 dB(A) We have succeeded in making one of the most silent air conditioners on the market. Panasonic Inverter air conditioner’s indoor operating noise has been reduced, as the Inverter constantly varies its output power to enable more precise temperature control.

Powerful capacity No matter the cooling and heating needs, Panasonic will provide the full rated capacity. Should the system installed have a smaller capacity than needed, it would work at a higher intensity and speed. This would translate into higher running costs and shorter system life. These negative side effects are applicable for capacities as low as 10% and will impact the cost of the end user’s bills.

Inverter technology Panasonic Inverter air conditioners have the flexibility to vary the rotation speed of the compressor. This allows the system to use less energy to maintain the set temperature, whilst also being able to cool the room quicker at start-up. The system provides maximum cooling comfort, with the added benefits of energy efficiency, demonstrated through lower energy bills costs.

Features and Benefits

  • NEW! R32 gas environmental friendly
  • NEW! New design
  • Wired Controller (optional)
  • Complete line-up of standard Inverter models
  • Super Quiet! Only 20 dB(A)
  • High energy savings
  • Compact unit allows install above an 800m doorframe (to 4.2kW)
  • Long connection distance (from 15 m up to 30 m)
  • Optional CZ-RD514C Hard Wired Controller
  • Optional CZ-TACG1 WiFi Interface

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Power and Wiring Information

All wiring on Panasonic RAC products is 3C+E Interconnecting. Power supply to Outdoor Unit unless specified.

Note that Power Supply can be fed to either Indoor or Outdoor unit.


Advanced Technical Data

Indoor Unit Technical DataModel Number
Cooling (kW) - Nominal2.00 (0.75 - 2.40)2.50 (0.85 - 3.00)3.50 (0.85 - 3.90)4.20 (0.85 - 4.60)5.00 (0.98 - 5.60)6.30 (0.98 - 7.10)7.10 (0.98 - 8.10)
Heating (kW) - Nominal2.70 (0.70 - 3.60)3.30 (0.80 - 4.10)4.00 (0.80 - 5.10)5.00 (0.80 - 6.80)5.80 (0.98 - 7.80)7.20 (0.98 - 8.50)8.60 (0.98 - 9.90)
Cooling (kW) - UK Condition1.942.33.323.864.65.936.49
Heating (kW) - UK Condition2.512.913.614.75.465.966.94
Sensible Cooling Duty (UK)1.922.22.923.064.164.925.28
Sound Pressure - Cooling (dBA)37-25-2040-26-2042-30-2044-31-2944-37-3445-37-3447-38-35
Sound Pressure - Heating (dBA)38-26-2240-27-2242-33-2244-35-2844-37-3445-37-3447-38-35
Height (mm)290290290290302302302
Width (mm)799799799799110211021102
Depth (mm)197197197197244244244
Weight (kG)8888121213
Air Flow - Cooling (m³/min)9.6010.5011.3012.3019.9020.8020.00
Air Flow - Heating (m³/min)10.6011.4012.1012.9020.8021.4022.00
Outdoor Unit Technical DataModel Number
Height (mm)542542542619619695695
Width (mm)780780780824824875875
Depth (mm)289289289299299320320
Weight (kG)27283334404249
Sound Pressure - Cooling (dBA)46474849484952
Sound Pressure - Heating (dBA)47485051494954
Liquid (mm(inches))6.35 (1/4)6.35 (1/4)6.35 (1/4)6.35 (1/4)6.35 (1/4)6.35 (1/4)6.35 (1/4)
Gas (mm(inches))9.52 (3/8)9.52 (3/8)9.52 (3/8)12.7 (1/2)12.7 (1/2)12.7 (1/2)15.88 (5/8)
Max Pipe Run15151515203030
Max Pipe Lift15151515151520
Pre-charged to (m)
Standing Charge (kG)0.610.70.820.871.141.111.32
Additional g/m10101010151525
Power Supply toIndoor or Outdoor (not both)
Start Current (A)
Fuse Rating (A)16161616162020
Interconnecting3C + E
System Power Input (Cool/Heat) - kW0.49 / 0.650.65 / 0.790.98 / 0.991.25 / 1.341.47 / 1.541.93 / 2.092.24 / 2.45
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