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Panasonic CZ-TACG1

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New CZ-TACG1 Panasonic Wifi kit

Control air to air heat pump with Panasonic Comfort Cloud with full functions available in the unit plus additional functions only available trhu the Cloud from wherever and whenever.

One user can manage up to 200 units and also set up different user and rights. Also energy monitor is possible giving the chance to learn how to reduce even more the operating cost.


1. New boundaries in Control

With Panasonic Comfort Cloud the user can manage all functions of the heat pump plus even more. All functions that your heat pump can include like nanoe™ air purifier, Econavi sensors, air Flow direction, speed, temperature setting, mode,… all these can be simply managed through Panasonic Comfort Cloud. Also some other additional functions can be easily managed through the app including:

  • All on/off at once. For sites with more than one unit in one site, user can turn them all on or off with just one click.
  • Set weekly timer. Set up to 6 events per day, 42 in a week, easy, intuitive and fast.
  • Pre-heat or cool. Control your house or office comfort – before you arrive!
  • Error code notification. If trouble occurs, error notification or maintenance code is shown.



2. Energy monitor and statistics

  • Knowing the energy each unit uses when operating is key to see opportunities to reduce the energy bill. Panasonic Comfort Cloud stores the energy consumption* of each unit, which can then be shown in easy and powerful statistics graphs. This function is available from TKE and UKE generation.
  • Estimated energy consumption data accuracy is depending on power supply quality.


3. Scalability and users management

Easily to include additional units and locations as well as including several users with different access rights. This creates more possibilities to manage family house, a second house and also provides opportunities for small/medium sized offices or multi-tenant properties.

  • Up to 200 units. Up to 10 Locations (20 units per site)
  • User’s control rights. Main user can set up other users with limited rights on units and set up


New name and new icon

The app has been available since May 2018 with a new update coming from July 1st. The name of app will change from “Panasonic AC Controller” to “Panasonic Comfort Cloud”, and there will also be a new updated icon. These changes make this app closer to the European end user demands.


More than just home application

1. Families: Different users can be set up, such as each child can manage their own room only. In the case of second houses, this can be remotely pre-cooled or pre-warmed. Or just turned off remotely if someone forget and left the system on.

2. Multi tenant owner: Can manage different sites, up to 200 units with just one smartphone. Knowing the consumption of each place and remotely have error codes remotely for better and quick mantainance.

3. Small and medium sized offices: Owner can control different rooms of the office easily and give unit by unit access to their staff. Also providing information to know where energy might be wasted for heating and cooling and promoting best comfort practices.

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