CZ-CNEXU1 Nanoe-X Device for Cassettes

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Panasonic CZ-CNEXU1 Nanoe-X Corner Panel

nanoe™ is a system that uses fine particle ions generated from moisture in the air to form tiny particles from electrically charged water molecules.

Filled with OH radicals, these water capsules suppress the activity of pollen (allergens) in the air, and help to eliminate odors.

This model can be added to existing or new Cassette Systems (model dependant) to help purify and clean the air in the conditioned space


Please click here for the Panasonic Nanoe-X Concentration Simulator. Nanoe-X is included as standard with all 3 Series Pac-i Panasonic Indoor Units. Older 2 Series models require the add-on CZ-CNEXU1 module. 

Always fresh and clean air with nanoe™
New nanoe™ is available by the advanced technology of room air conditioning.

  • Purificating operation can work simultaneously or independently from heating/cooling operation.
  • Inhibiting viruses, bacteria & deodorisation (bacteria, fungus, pollen, virus and cigarette smoke). OH radicals in nanoe™ pull bacteria’s hydrogen out and it is effectively deodorised be sterilised
  • Clean inside by nanoe™ + Dry control: inside of indoor unit can be cleaned by short operation circuit with nanoe™ and drying

CZ-RTC5B / CZ-RTC6 Controller and optional accessory CZ-CNEXU1 are required to use nanoe™ function.








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