PSA-M R32 Floor Standing (Standard)

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The PSA-M Power Inverter range is a floor standing system that blends a host of outstanding features with a sophisticated streamlined design.

Offering advanced control options and quiet operation, this range allows installation where limited ceiling space is available.

14 Degree Setpoint control


Indoor Unit Technical DataModel Reference
Cooling (kW) - Nominal7.109.4012.1013.60
Heating (kW) - Nominal8.0011.2013.5015.00
Cooling (kW) - Max UK Condition7.459.7511.9512.60
Heating (kW) - Max UK Condition8.6510.6512.7513.45
Sensible Heat Ratio (SHR)0.790.730.720.71
Sound Pressure Level (dBA)40/42/4445/49/51
Height - mm (grille)1900
Width - mm (grille)600
Depth - mm (grille)360
Weight - kG (grille)46464648
Air Flow Rate (l/sec)333-367-400417-467-500417-467-517417-467-500
Fused Spur (A)6

Built-in PAR-41MAA Controller

Features and Benefits

  • Built in PAR-41MAA controller allows effective energy consumption monitoring
  • Increased comfort levels through advanced airflow and smart defrost features
  • 100m pipe run (size 100-140), increasing application capability
  • 14°C set point option; ideal for applications where a specialist ambient condition is required
  • Quick and easy installation, saving on time and cost
  • Compact body and minimal footprint – ideal for applications where space-saving is a requirement
  • Quiet operation
  • Factory charged refrigerant up to 30m
  • Long-life filter
  • Duty Standby Operation


Low Temperature Operation

These systems can be operated to temperatures as low as 14°C. 

Full performance data can be found here

The following table details performance of the following models at the following conditions: 

Indoor Intake Air (DB) 14°C

Indoor Intake Air (WB) 7°C

Indoor Model
Outdoor Model
Ambient Temperature (°C)
20 25 30
PSA-M100KA PUZ-M100YKA2 7.108kW 6.942kW 6.776kW
PSA-M125KA PUZ-M125VKA2 9.150kW 8.936kW 8.722kW
PSA-M140KA PUZ-M140VKA2 10.285kW 10.044kW 9.803kW


Compatible Condensing Units

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