I-Life 2 Slim Radiator

  1. I-Life 2 Slim Fan Assisted Radiator

Designed to work in the home with either existing heating or renewable technologies, the i-Life 2 Slim delivers more energy-efficient heating when compared to a traditional radiator helping to lower monthly energy bills.

The i-LIFE2 Slim can connect to different heating systems including your existing boiler. It is also ideal for an air source heat pump system, helping to maximise the efficiency of your whole heating system.

How it works

The radiator takes heat from the water pipes and uses a fan to blow warm air round the room, helping distribute heat more evenly and keeping energy consumption to a minimum.

In many cases, the i-Life2 Slim can replace existing radiators with simple connection to pipework. This can allow radiators to be replaced individually or together. Each cabinet just needs in/out water supply from the heating system and a single phase electrical connection, which can be wired in or via a standard 3-pin plug.


Features and Benefits

Stylish and elegant – at only 13cm deep, and 50% smaller than a conventional radiator* the wall mounted cabinet blends seamlessly into any setting

Energy saving

Easy to use – airflow is managed by deflectors at the top of the unit, which open and close automatically ensuring fast even heat distribution

Advanced finger-tip controls – quick to respond and able to moderate the temperatures in separate rooms

Low noise – the super quiet fan within the i-Life2 Slim provides perfect comfort in any room, quickly achieving the desired temperature without any fluctuation in noise

Controls on the product are for the fan only. The unit does not come complete with valves and field supply Lockshield type are recommended.
Technical Data
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Unit Technical DataModel Number
i-LIFE2 Slim 202
Air Flow SpeedMaxMedMin
Total Heating Capacity (W)238020401400
Water Flow in Heating (m³/h)0.310.270.18
Pressure Drop in Heating (kPa)5.54.32
Total Cooling Capacity (W)179015701070
Sensible Capacity in Cooling (W)12901150760
Max. Water Flow (m³/h)0.310.270.18
Max. Pressure Drop (kPa)5.54.32
Power Supply (V/Ph/Hz)230/1/50
Sound Pressure Level (dBA)413526
Sound Power Level (dBA)504435
Air Flow (m³/hr)320252155
Max Input Power (w)Pending Information
Inlet Water Temp (°C)35
Outlet Water Temp (°C)30
Inlet Air Temp (°C)19
Outlet Air Temp (°C)34.532.638.9
Height (mm)579
Width (mm)937
Depth (mm)131
Weight (kG)20
3 Way Valves Included?Pending Information
Built-In Thermostat?Yes
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