SPX-WKT3 Controller

Hitachi RAC Hard Wired Controller (Advanced)

Hitachi SPX-WKT3

Advanced Logic Hard Wired Controller for Hitachi RAC Systems

The SPX-WKT3 offers advanced functionality for Light Commercial Air Conditioning systems. Featuring multi-schedule Seven Day timer, Holiday Mode, Sleep Timer, Operation Lock, Leave Home Function and more.

With this application you can turn the air conditioning unit on or off before arriving home or even check if it has been left running and turn it off right then.


Features and Benefits

  • Common Styling with commercial Utopia Hard Wired Controller
  • Seven Day Timer
  • Simple Timer
  • Holiday Mode
  • Leave Home Setting (program unit to turn on when temperature drops below a pre-set range, allowing fabric of building to remain warm)
  • Coil Clean
  • Operation Lock



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