IVX Premium 2-Pipe Heat Pump

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Hitachi’s Utopia IVX Prime Premium range are high specification single and multi-split systems with all the benefits of VRF, including
individual control of each indoor unit with an increased number of twin, triple and quad combinations in addition to delivering
excellent part-load efficiency.
With cooling capacities and heating capacities from 3.2kW to 37.5kW, a maximum of 4 indoor units are connectable to a single
outdoor unit, with individual control and efficiencies achieved as high as A++/A+ (depending on model/combinations).

Twin and, Triple and Quad Combinations Possible

Model Reference







Max. IndoorsOutdoor Unit
Max 4 FC, 115%RAS-4HVRP2E10.00 / 11.20R3275325/83/83C + 2C*Single
Max 4 FC, 115%RAS-5HVRP2E12.50 / 14.00R3275325/83/83C + 2C*Single
Max 4 FC, 115%RAS-6HVRP2E14.00 / 16.00R3275325/83/83C + 2C*Single
Max 4 FC, 115%RAS-4HRP2E10.00 / 11.20R3270205/83/83C + 2C*Three
Max 4 FC, 115%RAS-5HRP2E12.50 / 14.00R3275205/83/83C + 2C*Three
Max 4 FC, 115%RAS-6HRP2E14.00 / 16.00R3275205/83/83C + 2C*Three
Max 4 FC, 120%RAS-8HNCE20.00 / 22.40R410a100327/8**3/83C + 2C*Three
Max 4 FC, 120%RAS-10HNCE25.00 / 28.00R410a100327/8**1/23C + 2C*Three
Max 4 FC, 120%RAS-12HNCE30.0 / 33.50R410a100327/8**1/23C + 2C*Three


Compatible Indoor Units

Features and Benefits

  • Ability to utilise any Hitachi System-Free Indoor Unit
  • Flexible connections – can connect indoor units with capacities as low as 2kW in Multi Configuration
  • Cooling capacities from 7.1W to 33.5kW (True 12Hp/30kW Condensing Unit)
  • Heating capacities from 8.0kW to 37.5kW
  • Compact design – single fan (up to 6HP)
  • R32 refrigerant for models up to 14kW
  • Improved connectivity – up to 4 indoors per outdoor unit minimising pipework required
  • Zone-by-zone individual control (2 Pipe VRF Heat Pump)
  • Individual return air temperature control on connected fan coils
  • Fully ErP compliant with A++ seasonal efficiency
  • Decreased Defrost Operation and Extended Heating Operation
  • Available in single phase and three phase.



Comfort and ease of installation

Improved connectivity (up to 4 indoors per outdoor unit, minimising pipework required) and zone-by-zone individual control makes IVX Comfort the perfect solution where VRF flexibility is needed but at a lower cost.

The individual Thermo-on and Thermo-off is possible even when the remote control is connected to multiple internal units.
The system is able to handle changes in air conditioning needs for each individual space, e.g., internal zone or perimeter area, and thereby
optimise energy efficiencies.

This produces a highly comfortable environment and great electricity savings.

Easily adaptable and reconfigurable

Each indoor unit can be operated completely independently within the same mode.

Controlled from a dedicated remote controller, each room’s occupants can monitor and adjust operating temperatures according to their specific requirements.

This facilitates maximum energy savings and total future flexibility, as units have individual control regardless
of possible future reorganisation of the interior spaces.

Compatibility with R22 pipework

New Utopia IVX Comfort (and IVX Premium) are compatible* with existing R22 gas installations. Both models – which use R410A refrigerant gas – can be installed without having to change the existing installed piping as the system adjusts the pressure so as
not to damage the existing piping.


Advanced Technical Data

Outdoor Unit Technical Data
Connectivity1 - 41 - 41 - 2 (Single to Twin Only)
VRF Operation90 - 115% Connectivity. Max 4 I/Units90 - 115% Connectivity. Max 2 I/Units
Height (mm)1140
Width (mm)950
Depth (mm)370
Weight (kG)86
Airflow (m3/min)80
Sound Pressure Cooling (dBA)545456
Sound Pressure Cooling Night Mode (dBA)515151
Sound Power Cooling (dBA)707272
Liquid (mm(inches))9.52 (3/8)9.52 (3/8)9.52 (3/8)
Gas (mm(inches))15.88 (5/8)15.88 (5/8)15.88 (5/8)
Max Pipe Run (m)757575
Min Pipe Run (m)5
Max Pipe Lift (m)30 / 20 (higher OU / lower OU)
Pre-charged to (m)20
Standing Charge (kG)3.0
Additional charge (g/m)45
PhaseSingle (Three)Single (Three)Single (Three)
Power Supply toIndoor / Outdoor (see notes below)
Max Start/Run Current (A)12.6 (4.4)16.5 (5.8)21.1 (7.4)
Max Current (A)22.5 (15)
Fuse Rating (A)25 (20)
Interconnecting2C 0.75mm Screened Cable (note that power can also be fed from condenser separately via inline fuse)
System Power Input (Cool/Heat) - kW2.51 / 2.603.42 / 3.394.38 / 3.64
Pipe Kit Required (Twin)E-102SN4 x 1
Pipe Kit Required (Triple)E-102SN4 x 2
Pipe Kit Required (Quad)E-102SN4 x 3
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