RCI 4-Way 900 Cassette – Silent Iconic Panel

Hitachi System-Free 900 Cassette

With Award Winning Silent Iconic Cassette Panel

Hitachi System -Free Indoor Units are unique in that they connect seamlessly with SIGMA VRF Systems, IVX Centrifugal, IVX Prime and Utopia Prime Split System Condensing Units.

Hitachi’s cost effective range of 4-Way cassettes are compact and lightweight for easy installation into false ceilings where space is limited. These versatile units are suitable for installation in areas with very high ceilings – ideal for retail and shopping centres.

Now with the optional Silent iconic Grille (pictured) to enhance the look in any environment


Silent Iconic -A design panel in harmony with the space that responds to the needs of architectural designers

Inclusive of PC-ARFPE hardwired controller and P-GP160NAP Silent Iconic Cassette Grille (Optional Standard Cassette Grille Available)

Note that System-Free Indoor Units are compatible with Utopia Prime, IVX-Prime, IVX-Centrifugal and Set-Free VRF Condensing Units. Therefore system technical data can be sourced via specific pages for these condensing units as detailed below.

Model Reference

Nom. Cooling (kW)

Nom. Heating (kW)

Indoor Unit ModelSingle-Split Option?Utopia SplitSet-Free VRFUtopia SplitSet-Free VRFIndoor Only

Optional  P-GP160NAPU Design Panel with Elevation Grille for simple removal of filter also available

Optional Black Design Panel available as special order.

Utopia-Prime Condensing Units

Utopia Prime Standard Heat Pump

IVX-Prime Condensing Units

IVX Prime (Premium) 2-Pipe Heat Pump

IVX Centrifugal Condensing Units

IVX 2-Pipe Heat Pump Centrifugal

Set-Free Mini 2-Pipe VRF Heat Pump

Set-Free FS(V)NME Mini 2 Pipe Heat Pump

Set-Free Sideflow VRF Heat Pump and Heat Recovery

Set-Free Mini 2&3 Pipe Heat Pump / Heat Recovery

Set-Free SIGMA Standard Heat Pump / Heat Recovery

Set-Free Sigma Standard Efficiency 2/3 Pipe

Set-Free SIGMA High-Efficiency Heat Pump / Heat Recovery

Set-Free Sigma High Efficiency 2/3 Pipe


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