Wall Mounted

PAC-i Standard Twin Splits

Model Reference
Inverter Type

Nom. Cool (kW)

Nom. Heat (kW)

Max Pipe (m)
EuP Lot 10 Energy Rating
Fuse (Amps) In/Out

Pipe Gas

Pipe Liquid

Indoor UnitOutdoor UnitSCOPSEER
S-36PK1E5AU-71PEY1E5Standard 7.107.10503.905.103 / 205/83/8Single
S-50PK1E5AU-100PEY1E5Standard 9.009.00503.806.103 / 255/83/8Single
S-60PK1E5AU-125PEY1E5Standard 12.5012.50503.60*2.80*3 / 305/83/8Single
S-50PK1E5AU-100PEY1E8Standard 9.009.00503.805.903 / 165/83/8Three
S-60PK1E5AU-125PEY1E8Standard 12.5012.50503.60*2.80*3 / 165/83/8Three
S-71PK1E5AU-140PEY1E8Standard 14.0014.00503.61*2.96*3 / 165/83/8Three

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