s-MEXT Split DX Comms Room Solution

Mitsubishi Electric I-NEXT I.T Cooling

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s-MEXT takes advantage of more than 50 years experience of the RC brand within the IT Cooling market, coupled with Mitsubishi Electric renowned quality standards. The split cooling package consists of the indoor s-MEXT high precision air conditioner connected to a Mr Slim Power Inverter outdoor unit. The result is a full inverter split system, designed according to the best quality standards and dedicated to the most reliable IT environments.

The full-inverter split-system air conditioner from Mitsubishi Electric for Close Control air conditioning in small Data Centre, UPS Rooms, Battery Rooms, Distribution Rooms and in all areas of the Data Center that need a service of air conditioning.

Available as Upflow or Downflow arrangement utilising Mitsubishi Electric R32 or R410a Mr. Slim condensing units.

Compressor free indoor unit offering ease of installation for the installer.



Key Features

    • Perimeter unit with downflow and upflow configurations
    • Full inverter technology with Mr. Slim Mitsubishi Electric compressors
    • Pipe runs of up to 100m
    • Trusted Mr. Slim Power Inverter Technology
    • Compatible with R32 and R410a Condensing Units
    • Compressor in Condensing Unit, not Indoor Unit
      • Lighter and smaller indoor units
      • Simpler installation
      • Single pipe sizing
      • Mr. Slim Condensing Unit range
      • EER up to 5.2 at partial load;
      • Improvement of the control software with advanced logic
      • Fast and easy installation

Indoor unit:

      • Plug fans with EC electric motors and impeller in aluminium or composite material, which guarantees a reduction of power consumption;
      • New maintenance-free electric motor of the fan;
      • Variable air flow according to the load;
      • Unit size F3 with double refrigerant circuit

Outdoor unit:

      • BLDC inverter scroll compressor to provide always the best efficiency;
      • Air suction temperature up to 46°C;
      • Silent operation with noise pressure level from 49 to 59 dB(A)
      • Washable air filters with COARSE 60% efficiency (according to ISO EN 16890) with cells in synthetic fibre and metallic frame;
      • Microprocessor control system with graphic display for control and monitor of operating and alarms status.
      • Water leakage detector for water presence alarm. (For Over version the sensor is installed on the base inside the unit. For Under version the sensor is supplied to be installed at customer care in the additional condensing tray)
      • Additional condensing tray in peraluman for Under version
      • Smoke sensor; supplied in mounting kit
      • Fire sensor; supplied in mounting kit
      • Metallic brackets to bind the unit.


Technical Data

S-Mext Indoor Units

CRAC Model Reference (s-MEXT DX...)G006 S F1G009 S F1G013 S F1G022 S F2G028 S F2G038 D F3G044 D F3
Compatible Mr. Slim Condenser60100125250250200250
Total Cooling Capacity (kW)6.7910.111.922.527.438.842.4
Sensible Cooling Capacity (kW)6.28910.319.525.43437.5
System EER (nominal) 27°C - 47% RH3.923.982.972.872.613.152.59
EC Supply Fan (No.)1112111
Air flow (m³/hr)20002500280050007600880010000
Nominal External ESP (Pa)20202020202020
EC Fan Power Input (kW)0.210.370.520.740.641.432.1
EC Fan Absorbed Current (A)0.931.643.233.283.802.23.22
EC Fan Starting Current (A)
Electrical Panel Power Input (kW)0.14
Sound Pressure Level (dBA)53576160606367
Sound Power Level (dBA)69737776767983
Air Filters (No. of)1111222
Filter - Extended Filtering Surface (m²)0.680.680.681.051.761.761.76
Filter - Efficiency (ISO EN 16890) (COARSE)0.6
No. of Refrigerant Circuits1111122
Power Supply (Phase)SingleSingleSingleSingleSingleThreeThree
Length (mm)6006006001000100010001000
Depth (mm)500500500500890890890
Height (mm)1980
Nett Weight - Over Model (kG)107110114169247237237
Nett Weight - Under Model (kG)114119124179282257257
Gas (inch)0.6250.6250.6251111
Liquid (inch)0.3750.3750.3750.50.3750.3750.5
Condensate (mm)19
Power Supply Cable (x mm²)3G1.53G1.53G1.53G1.53G1.54G1.54G1.5

Mr Slim R32 Condensing Units

Outdoor Unit Technical Data
Height (mm)94394313381338133813381338
Width (mm)95095010501050105010501050
Depth (mm)360360370370370370370
Weight (kG)7070116116118137138
Airflow (m3/min)5555110120120140140
Sound Pressure Cooling (dBA)47474950505959
Liquid (mm(inches))9.52 (3/8)9.52 (3/8)9.52 (3/8)9.52 (3/8)9.52 (3/8)9.52 (3/8)12.7 (1/2)
Gas (mm(inches))15.88 (5/8)15.88 (5/8)15.88 (5/8)15.88 (5/8)15.88 (5/8)28.58 (1 1/8)28.58 (1 1/8)
Max Pipe Run (m)5555100100100100100
Max Pipe Lift (m)30303030303030
Pre-charged to (m)30303030303030
Standing Charge (kG)2.82.84446.36.80
Additional Charge per m (g)404040404040**40**
PhaseSingleSingleSingle (Three)Single (Three)Single (Three)(Three(Three
Power Supply toOutdoorOutdoorOutdoorOutdoorOutdoorOutdoorOutdoor
Max Start/Run Current (A)5.00 / 8.926.00 / 8.6512.00 / 11.20 (4.00 / 3.42)12.00 / 16.46 (4.00 / 5.96)12.00 / 18.51 (4.00 / 7.52)5.00 / 9.575.00 / 13.30
Max Current (A) (8.00)27.00 (9.50)28.70 (13.00)22.5022.50
Fuse Rating (A)252532 (16)32 (16)40 (16)2525
System Power Input (Cool/Heat) - kW1.45 / 1.711.65 / 1.822.03 / 2.473.24 / 3.543.61 / 4.255.18 / 4.896.43 / 6.13

Mr Slim R410a Condensing Units

Outdoor Unit Technical DataModel Reference
Indoor Unit Model Size006009013022038044
No to be connected to Indoor111122
Height (mm)94313381338133813381338
Width (mm)95010501050105010501050
Depth (mm)360370370370370370
Weight (kG)67116125135135135
Airflow (m3/hr)320066007200840084008400
Sound Pressure (dBA)474950595959
Liquid (mm(inches))9.52 (3/8)9.52 (3/8)9.52 (3/8)28.58 (1 1/8)28.58 (1 1/8)28.58 (1 1/8)
Gas (mm(inches))15.88 (5/8)15.88 (5/8)15.88 (5/8)12.7 (1/2)9.52 (3/8)12.7 (1/2)
Max Pipe Run (m)406575100100100
Max Pipe Lift (m)202030303030
Pre-charged to (m)202020303030
Standing Charge (kG)
PhaseSingleThreeThreeThreeThreeSingle (Three)
Power Supply toOutdoorOutdoorOutdoorOutdoorOutdoorOutdoor
Max Start/Run Current (A)5.0012.
Max Current (A)19.026.509.5021.0019.0021.00
Fuse Rating (A)253216323232
Power Input (kW)1.532.173.497.115.447.11
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