R32 Summit Wall 2020 REF/WEF

Hitachi R32 Summit REF/WEF System 2020

Compact, cost effective, stylish wall units with high seasonal efficiency and low noise. Our Summit models from the Room Air Conditioning range are designed to complement the interior of any residential or commercial space.

The Hitachi Summit units feature benefits such as Cooling Only and Heating Only functions. 7-Day Hard Wired controller does not require an additional adapter and remote contacts for Fire Alarm Shut Down and Fault Output are also available.

NEW FROST WASH for 2020. Keep the heat exchanger clean by freezing and melting, thus improving Air Quality

Model Reference


EuP Lot 10
Energy Rating





Indoor UnitOutdoor UnitSCOP SEER
RAK-18REFRAC-18WEF2.00 2.50204.206.10153/81/4NoSingle
RAK-25REFRAC-25WEF2.50 3.40204.206.10153/81/4NoSingle
RAK-35REFRAC-35WEF3.50 4.20204.206.10153/81/4NoSingle
RAK-50REFRAC-50WEF5.00 6.00204.306.10251/21/4NoSingle

  • 12 hour programmable Infra Red Controller.
  • Pre-charged to maximum pipe run of 20 meters.
  • Lockable into Heating or Cooling only.
  • NEW Frost wash. Keep the heat exchanger clean by freezing and melting, thus improving Air Quality


Frost Wash Feature

  • Optional SPX-WKT3 Hard-Wired Controller with 7-Day Timer.
  • Optional SPX-WFG01 “Hi-Kumo” Wif-Fi Adapter.
  • Group Control and remote operation and fault integration for BMS application.







Features and Benefits

  • Seasonal Efficiency: All Hitachi’s RAC units offer high seasonal efficiencies, with models in the Summit range achieving up to SEER A++/SCOP A+
  • Volt Free Contact: Volt Free control of the air conditioning system – can be used to turn the unit on/off remotely after receiving a signal such as key-card, door or window switch, specifically useful in hotel rooms to prevent unnecessary use Accessory SPX WDC3 is required
  • Super Quiet: Low noise levels courtesy of Super Low fan speed
  • Heating at low temperatures: Guaranteed efficiency in heating mode up to -15°C
  • Heating mode lock: Suitable for BREEAM assessed buildings where cooling mode might not be accepted or simply where cooling is not required
  • Compact: The compact dimensions of the Summit model (280 x 780 x 218) are common across the entire range and allow for easier integration
  • DC Inverter Outdoor Unit: As the pioneer of DC Inverter driven room air conditioners our units boast the significant advantage of all DC Inverter driven compressors and fans allowing precise control of capacity and temperature.



Power supply to Outdoor Unit with 3C + E interconnecting cable. Note that this is 240vAC plus Comms.


Product Images

Advanced Technical Data

Indoor Unit Technical DataModel Reference
Cooling (kW) - Nominal22.53.55
Heating (kW) - Nominal2.53.44.26
Cooling (kW) - UK ConditionPendingPendingPendingPending
Heating (kW) - UK ConditionPendingPendingPendingPending
Sensible Heat Ratio (SHR)95.00%88.00%80.00%68.00%
Sound Pressure - Cooling (dBA)37-24/2140-24/2243-26/2547-30/28
Sound Pressure - Heating (dBA)38-22/1941-23/2044-27/2647-30/25
Height (mm)280280280280
Width (mm)780780780780
Depth (mm)215215215215
Weight (kG)
Air Flow - Cooling (m³/hr)440-350/312510-370/333600-400/333700-450/333
Air Flow - Heating (m³/hr)480-350/312570-400/333660-520/333770-510/433
Outdoor Unit Technical DataModel Reference
Height (mm)530530530600
Width (mm)660660660792
Depth (mm)278278278299
Weight (kG)27.527.527.540
Sound Pressure - Cooling (dBA)46484951
Sound Pressure - Heating (dBA)47495051
Liquid (mm(inches))6.35 (1/4)6.35 (1/4)6.35 (1/4)6.35 (1/4)
Gas (mm(inches))9.52 (3/8)9.52 (3/8)9.52 (3/8)12.7 (1/2)
Max Pipe Run20202020
Max Pipe Lift10101010
Pre-charged to (m)20202020
Standing Charge (kG)0.5300.5300.7000.930
Additional Charge per metre (g)N/AN/AN/AN/A
Power Supply toOutdoorOutdoorOutdoorOutdoor
Max Max Start/Run Current (A)3.52 / 4.394.65 / 5.615.63 / 7.397.56 / 11.96
Fuse Rating (A)15151525
Interconnecting3C + E*3C + E*3C + E*3C + E*
System Power Input (Cool/Heat) - kW0.58/0.620.70/0.881.09/1.101.56/1.66
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