WX2 Water Heat Exchanger For ECOi

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Hydrokit for ECOi, water at 45 °C • R410A

The Panasonic solution for chilled and hot water production!
From 28 kW to 80 kW

Model Reference
Nom. Cool
(kW) at 35/7

Nom. Heat
(kW) at 45/7




Indoor UnitOutdoor Unit
PAW-500W(P)5G1U-20ME2E850.0056.0051 1/85/8Single
PAW-500W(P)5G1U-20GE3E5 (GHP)N/A60.9051 1/85/8Single
PAW-750W(P)5G1U-30GE3E5 (GHP)N/A81.20101 1/43/4Single

Note that “P” signifies model with Pump 

Requires CZ-RTC5B Controller 

Features and Benefits

  • No cascade installation up to 80 kW with GHP outdoor unit and 51.3 kW with ECOi
  • Full line-up of outdoor units which can cover up to 80 kW heat demand
  • Large choice of remote controls and interfaces
  • 3.25 COP with water at 45°C and outdoor temperature of +7°C
  • A Class Pump Included
  • 4 Way Valve Included
  • Optimised Heat Exchanger
  • 1056mm (H) x 570mm (W) x 1010mm (D)
  • Water Connection R2″”F
  • Controlled by Panasonic CZ-RTC5B Controller


Technical Focus

  • Heating, cooling and DHW
  • A class water pump included (only in P model)
  • Flexible modularity from 25 kW
  • Better partial load vs standard chiller system
  • Compatible with all centralized controllers
  • Maximum distance between outdoor unit and WHE: 170 m
  • Maximum hot water outlet temperature: 45 °C
  • Minimum chilled water outlet temperature: 5 °C
  • Outdoor temperature range in heating mode: -11 °C to +15 °C (with low temperature kit -25 °C*)


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