CO2 Condensing Unit – OCU-CR400VF8(A)

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Panasonic’s CR Series of C02 condensing units provide the ideal solution for supermarkets, convenience stores and fuel stations.
Keeping food always fresh at right temperature in showcases or cold rooms is a very critical point and
one of the biggest challenges for those retailers has been the expensive effects of refrigeration
breakdowns which can result in costly product wastage.

Please note that this page is specific to model OCU-CR400VF5 only

System Combination

  • OCU-CR400VF8 (Medium Temperature 7.5kW Model – includes Liquid Line Dryer and Single PRV)
  • OCU-CR400VF8A (Medium Temperature 8.0kW / Low Temperature 4.0kW Model – includes Liquid Line Dryer and Single PRV)

  • OCU-CR400VF8(A)SL (Optional Anti-Corrosion Model – includes Liquid Line Dryer) – Blygold Option

  • SPK-TU15 Tube Connection Adaptor for Vacuum and Service

  • PAW-CO2 Plug and Play Carel Panel (Room and Superheat Control including both Panel and Expansion Valve)
    • Note that system can operate with field supplied RMS Panel


  • PRV
    • As standard, the 4HP unit will be supplied (fitted) dual 80 bar PRV on the pressure vessel.


  • Convenience Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Funeral Parlours
  • Service Stations

Key Features

  • Single Phase Model
  • Medium Temperature ( -10°C) 8kW
  • Low Temperature (-35°C) 4kW
  • Medium Temperature 8kW or Low Temperature 4kW from the same model unit
  • Optional Anti Corrosion Model
  • RDM Compatible
  • 5 Year Compressor Warranty
  • Full training available
  • BMS Ready (Modbus)
  • Ready for connection to Carel, Danfoss, Eliwell and RDM operating systems
  • Save installation time with Plug and Play Kit
  • Up to 50m piping length
  • High ESP
  • Low noise – ideal for sites close to residential areas
  • Simple Design Tool available via Pro Club



Technical Data

Type (MT: medium temp. LT: low temp.)MT (7.5kW)MT (16kW) / LT (8kW)
Standard modelOCU-CR400VF8OCU-CR400VF8A
Anti corrosion coating modelContact Blygold
Power supplyVoltageV380 / 400 / 415
PhaseThree Phase
MT Cooling capacity at ET -10°C AT 32°CkW7.107.70
LT Cooling capacity at ET -35°C AT 32°CkWN/A3.80
Evaporator connectionMultiple
Evaporation Min ~ Max temperature°C-20 ~ -5-45 ~ -5
Ambient Min ~ Max temperature°C-20 ~ +43-20 ~ +45
Design pressure liquid lineMpa8
Design pressure suction lineMpa8
User system external alarm. Digital input. Non-voltage contactYes
Liquid tube electromagnetic valveVac220 / 230 / 240
Showcase operation ON/OFF signal. Digital input. Non-voltage contactYes
Modbus communication line (RS485)Yes
Compressor type2- Stage Rotary2- Stage Rotary
Dimension H x W x Dmm948 x 1143 x 609
Net weightKg139149
Piping connectionsSuction pipeInch (mm)1/2 (12,70) Refrigeration Grade K65 Specification Pipe
Liquid pipeInch (mm)3/8 (9,52) Refrigeration Grade K65 Specification Pipe
Max Length of connection pipingm100 (PZ-68S Oil to be added as per Refrigeration Designer Software)

Standard performance
Ambient temperature°C32
Evaporating temperature Mid-Temp°C-10-10
Evaporating temperature Low Temp°CN/A-35
Cooling Capacity Mid-TempkW7.107.70
Cooling Capacity Low-TempkWN/A3.80
Power consumption Mid-TempkW4.004.50
Power consumption Low-TempkWN/A3.80
Nominal Current Mid-TempA6.147.2
Nominal Current Low-TempAN/A6.2
Sound Pressure Level Mid-TempdB(A)33 (Evap Temp -10°C,60 S-1, 10m from Product)36,1 (Evap Temp -10°C,60 S-1, 10m from Product)
Sound Pressure Level Low-TempdB(A)N/A36,1 (Evap Temp -10°C,60 S-1, 10m from Product)
PED Category.II
Air volumem³/min59
External static pressurePa50
Heat recovery portNoYes
Drier filter liquid line, diameter 6,35mmIncluded (D-152T / DCY-P12
Drier filter liquid line, diameter 15,88mmN/A
Suction Filter, 19.05mm (Outer Diameter Welding)Included


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