Hybrid Ultra Thin Concealed Ducted


The ultra thin ceiling concealed ducted indoor unit offers increased flexibility and is particularly suitable for places where low noise operation is desired from a slimline body, such as hotels.

Controller not included.

Model Reference
Nom. Cool (kW)

Nom. Heat (kW)

Fuse Rating

Water Pipe

Indoor UnitOutdoor Unit
PEFY-WP10VMS1-ERefer to Outdoor Unit section1.201.406 A3/4" BSP ScrewSingle
PEFY-WP15VMS1-E1.701.906 A3/4" BSP ScrewSingle
PEFY-WP20VMS1-E2.202.506 A3/4" BSP ScrewSingle
PEFY-WP25VMS1-E2.803.206 A3/4" BSP ScrewSingle
PEFY-WP32VMS1-E3.604.006 A3/4" BSP ScrewSingle
PEFY-WP40VMS1-E4.505.006 A3/4" BSP ScrewSingle
PEFY-WP50VMS1-E5.606.306 A3/4" BSP ScrewSingle
PEFY-WP63VMS1-E7.108.006 A3/4" BSP ScrewSingle
PEFY-WP80VMS1-E8.00.006 A3/4" BSP ScrewSingle

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra thin body – height of only 200mm & width of only 790mm (size WP10-25)
  • Extremely quiet operation – as low as 22dBA (size WP10-20)
  • Static pressure of 5-50Pa
  • Available in sizes 10 and 15 which are ideal for hotel rooms
  • CN105 connector available – connect to MELCOBEMS MINI for simple BEMS interfacing
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