Hybrid Ceiling Concealed Ducted

The PEFY-WP-VMA-E (HVRF) ducted indoor unit is concealed within the ceiling space to allow unobtrusive air conditioning. Flexibility of duct layout allows air flow patterns to be arranged to suit any application.

Controller not included.

Model Reference
Nom. Cool (kW)

Nom. Heat (kW)

Fuse Rating (Amps)

Water Pipe

Electrical Supply
Indoor UnitOutdoor Unit
PEFY-WP20VMA-ERefer to Outdoor Unit section2.202.506 A3/4" BSP ScrewSingle
PEFY-WP25VMA-E2.803.206 A3/4" BSP ScrewSingle
PEFY-WP32VMA-E3.604.006 A3/4" BSP ScrewSingle
PEFY-WP40VMA-E4.505.006 A3/4" BSP ScrewSingle
PEFY-WP50VMA-E5.606.306 A3/4" BSP ScrewSingle
PEFY-WP63VMA-E7.108.006 A3/4" BSP ScrewSingle
PEFY-WP80VMA-E9.0010.006 A3/4" BSP ScrewSingle

Features and Benefits

  • Low height – only 250mm
  • Wide range of external static pressure settings across entire range (35-150Pa)
  • Low noise levels thanks to the use of a centrifugal fan
  • Drain pump included as standard
  • CN105 connector available – connect to MELCOBEMS MINI for simple BEMS interfacing
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