Hybrid WR2 Series (8-20HP) Water Cooled C/Unit

Simultaneous heating and cooling with double heat recovery.

Model Reference
Nom. Cool (kW)

Nom. Heat (kW)

Fuse Rating (Amps)

Pipe Size Gas

Pipe Size Liquid

Electrical Supply
Indoor UnitOutdoor Unit
Max 20 FCPQRY-P200YHM-A22.4025.0020Three
Max 25 FCPQRY-P250YHM-A28.0031.5020Three
Max 30 FCPQRY-P300YHM-A33.5037.5020Three
Max 40 FCPQRY-P400YSHM-A45.0050.0020 / 20Three
Max 45 FCPQRY-P450YSHM-A50.0056.0020 / 20Three
Max 50 FCPQRY-P500YSHM-A56.0063.0020 / 20Three
Max 50 FCPQRY-P550YSHM-A63.0069.0020 / 20Three
Max 50 FCPQRY-P600YSHM-A69.0076.5020 / 20Three
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