R2/WR2 Series (8-20HP) Water Cooled C/Unit

Ideal where outdoor space is limited, building heat recovery and efficiency is demanded and a water loop is available, City Multi WR2 Water Cooled models provide the ultimate solution for the majority of applications including hotels, offices, leisure, retail and high end residential.
First developed 15 years ago, the City Multi Water Cooled system utilises water instead of air as an energy transfer medium, but benefits from all the same technology and flexibility of an air sourced VRF.

Model Reference
Cool (kW)

Heat (kW)

Fuse Rating

Pipe Size

Pipe Size

Indoor Unit ConnectivityOutdoor Unit Model
Max 20 FCPQRY-P200YHM-A22.4025.0020Three
Max 25 FCPQRY-P250YHM-A28.0031.5020Three
Max 30 FCPQRY-P300YHM-A33.5037.5020Three
Max 40 FCPQRY-P400YSHM-A45.0050.0020 / 20Three
Max 45 FCPQRY-P450YSHM-A50.0056.0020 / 20Three
Max 50 FCPQRY-P500YSHM-A56.0063.0020 / 20Three
Max 50 FCPQRY-P550YSHM-A63.0069.0020 / 20Three
Max 50 FCPQRY-P600YSHM-A69.0076.5020 / 20Three

Features and Benefits

  • High efficiency, modular systems, with ability to recover energy between units on the water circuit, in either a closed loop or open loop building or ground source  application
    Benefits from all wide indoor unit range and advanced control options
    Very low impact footprint and service space requirements
  • Ideal for internal location
  • R2 and WR2 Hybrid
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