3-Pipe ECOi EX MF3 Series

With simultaneous heating and cooling operation heat recovery type

New Panasonic 3-Pipe ECOi EX MF3 Series is one of the most advanced VRF systems.

Not only high-efficient performance for simultaneous heating and cooling,

 but also sophisticated installation and maintenance available.

Model Reference
Nom. Cool /
Heat (kW)






Connectivity Outdoor Unit
Max 52 FC, 150%U-8MF3E822.40 / 25.004.857.02253/4 + 5/83/8Three
Max 52 FC, 150%U-10MF3E828.00 / 31.504.257.05257/8 + 3/43/8Three
Max 52 FC, 150%U-12MF3E833.50 / 37.504.276.39351 1/8 + 3/41/2Three
Max 52 FC, 150%U-14MF3E840.00 / 1/8 + 7/81/2Three
Max 52 FC, 150%U-16MF3E845.00 / 50.003.816.02501 1/8 + 7/81/2Three

Features and Benefits

  • Can be combined as a modular system up to 48HP (135kW Cooling Capacity, 150kW Heating Capacity)
  • Achieves COP 4.77 as the top class in the industry (Average cooling and heating value for 8 HP outdoor unit).
  • Simultaneous cooling or heating operation for up to 39 indoor units.
  • Slim heat recovery boxes with just 200mm height fit with the ceiling space limited in hotel applications
  • Rotation operation function and back-up operation function provided
  • · High SEER/SCOP at full Load capacity (Follows LOT21)
  • · EER, COP: Eurovent certified
  • Standardisation of outdoor unit to one compact casing size
  • The constant-speed compressor adopts a high-performance internal high-pressure scroll
  • High external static pressure 80 Pa with a newly designed fan, fan guard, motor, and casing
  • Silent outdoor unit operation: Minimum 54dB(A) for 8HP
  • Bluefin condenser outdoor unit
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