MAH2 Type – AHU Connection Kit

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Air Handling Unit Kit

AHU connection kit connects outdoor units to air handling units system. Combines air conditioning and fresh air in just one solution

Application: Hotels, offices, server rooms or all large buildings where air quality control such as humidity control and fresh air and is needed

* To be simultaneous operation controlled by one remote controller sensor.

Model Reference





Indoor UnitOutdoor Unit
PAW-160MAH216, 28 and 56kW
for ECOi and GHP.
Refer to Outdoor
Unit Section
PAW-560MAH256.0063.0051 1/85/8Three

The Panasonic AHU connection kits offer a wealth of connectivity possibilities so can be easily integrated into many systems.
Besides the advantages in terms of indoor air quality, air conditioning offers also an energy saving potential. For example, while uncontrolled ventilation through open windows leads to large amounts of heat being lost to the outside during the heating season or gained from the outside during the cooling season, air conditioning systems provide possibilities to utilize the extra “free”
energy in heat recovery modules so that overall operating costs will be reduced.
The larger area of the comfort range, the better the energy saving opportunities.

  • Maximum capacity: 60HP (168 kW)
  • Maximum piping length: 100 m (120 m equivalent)
  • Elevation difference (O_U~I_U): 50 m (O_U above)
  • Elevation difference (I_U~I_U): 4 m
  • In/Out capacity ratio: 50~100% Maximum I_U number: 3 units*
  • 0-10Vdv Control
  • Outdoor temperature range in Heating: -20 – 15°C
  • Available temperature range for the suction air at AHU Kit: Cool: 18 – 32°C / Heat: 16 – 30°C
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