About Logicool

Logicool Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps Ltd was formed in 2008. The ethos of the business is a strong customer service approach which is geared towards busy contractors and consultants, with the goal being to answer most questions before they have been asked.

Despite the current economic trends Logicool quickly expanded, becoming established as the Hitachi UK number 1 reseller in the UK and achieving one of only two VAR dealership agreements to sell and promote Mitsubishi Electric Living Environmental Systems products in the UK.

Founder Karl Richardson has been in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industry for over twenty years. His CV includes over 15 years in VRF application and the management of Technical and Product provision at a national level for some of the most prominent companies in the industry. Knowing what customers need from first-hand experience at many levels, Karl’s vision for Logicool was to use basic technical and customer service skills as building blocks for the growth of the Company.

This has seen the addition of the following staff:

Director Gill Richardson is responsible for logistics and customer service. Gill is 100% enthusiastic about delivering the best service and works pro-actively to ensure our customers and products receive the best possible care.

Operations Manager Simon Holden has 21 years’ experience of Hitachi equipment knowledge and service. His role is to manage the provision of customer service and also to enhance the Company’s technical knowledge following Logicool’s rapid growth.

Sales Manager Steve Hardiman has vast experience of most areas of the air conditioning industry having started as an engineer and also running his own contracting company. Steve has also previously worked for another Hitachi distributor and experienced manufacturing sales with Hitachi Europe before reuniting with old colleagues at Logicool. Steve has a very “hands-on” approach to sales which again complements the Logicool approach to Technical Sales.


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