Hybrid R2 Series (8-20HP) Heat Recovery

Simultaneous Heating and Cooling with R32 Heat Recovery Outdoor Unit

Throughout the year, many buildings require cooling in some areas and heating in others – even in adjacent rooms.

The outstanding City Multi R2 system meets these requirements by distributing surplus heat from cooling operations (and vice versa) to rooms where it is needed.

This efficiency can result in energy savings up to 30% over conventional systems.

Model Reference
No. of

Nom. Cool

Nom. Heat

Fuse Rating

Pipe Size

Pipe Size


Indoor Unit InfoOutdoor Unit
Max 30 FCPURY-M200YNW-A1x 122.4025.00203/45/8R32Three
Max 37 FCPURY-M250YNW-A1x 128.0031.50257/85/8R32Three
Max 45 FCPURY-M300YNW-A1x 133.5037.50327/85/8R32Three
Max 45 FCPURY-M300YNW-A1x 233.5037.50327/85/8R32Three
Max 35 FCPURY-M350YNW-A1x 140.0045.00321 1/85/8R32Three
Max 35 FCPURY-M350YNW-A1x 240.0045.00321 1/85/8R32Three
Max 40 FCPURY-M400YNW-A1x 145.0045.00401 1/83/4R32Three
Max 45 FCPURY-M450YNW-A1x 150.0056.00501 1/83/4R32Three
Max 50 FCPURY-M500YNW-A1x 156.0058.00631 1/83/4R32Three

Features and Benefits

  • Highest specification, highest efficiency heat recovery system available
  • Delivers the highest levels of comfort, both thermally and acoustically
  • Flexible design, installation and maintenance

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